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US theatrical premiere
Anthology Film Archives, November 6th thru 12th, 2002

US Festival Premiere
Human Rights Watch Film Festival, Walter Reade Theater, Lincoln Center - June 19th, 2002

U.K. Television
Channel 4- December 12th, 2002
   About the Director

At the age of sixteen, Jon Osman moved from New York City to Los Angeles where he sparked an interest in film. His career began as a post-production sound mixer where he participated in the production of many feature films. A few of his film credits include Defending Your Life (Meryle Streep), Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey (Keanu Reeves), L.A. Story (Steve Martin) Trial by Jury (William Hurt), Drop Zone (Wesley Snipes), and many others.

In 1994 Jon returned to New York to study film directing at N.Y.U. During his studies, he directed several experimental fiction shorts and a documentary short entitled Subway Tracks, a film that explores the lives of musicians who perform in the subways of New York City. Subway Tracks achieved several awards including the I.D.A. student documentary award in 1996 and the Cine Golden Eagle Student Award in 1997.

In late 1998, Jon began the production of Justifiable Homicide, a feature documentary about a mother who challenges the NYPD and Mayor Giuliani in the brutal murder of her son and nephew killed by two detectives in the Bronx.

'Justifiable Homicide' was completed in 2001 and has been seen in festivals around the world.

Jon is currently preparing for his next feature film.

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